Living with the In laws

Living with the In-laws nightmare!

The Indian society is so messed up! Who doesn’t wanna live in like a freebird couple, without being in a big fat in-law rich chaotic family?

1. Adjust to their wimps and fancies.
2. Their Guests are important, yours are however luxury, I don’t recall the last time I had a friend over at my place.
3. The house is theirs, you can’t have any space outside your room.
4. If you have OCD, you are stuck with the most unclean and unorganized people on this planet.
5. Your parents and your ideologies are not important. What they do is always right.
6. Their sons and daughters are important. You are just there! The first time you feel you are not important is exactly when you start living with your in laws.
7. Try bringing in or moving anything in the house as per your liking. Doomsday ahead is what you will experience.

What should they understand? and that never happens:

Living with the In laws

The Solution that you fail to implement:

Let go!

Well Good luck doing that! I haven’t been able to do in the last couple of years. What do you girls do?

Did I miss anything in this vicious post? Feel free to add in the comments below!

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