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Have you seen your wife spanked? - Quora

Answer (1 of 11): Yes I have, my now wife Ana back when we where dating and 20 years old, told me that her mom was going to go for a week to Miami to take care of her nephews while her sister and brother-in-law went for a trip, and that her mom invited us for the weekend and of course we said yes...

My wife asked me to spank her | Talk About Marriage

When you describe her wheedling with you to spank her after you decided to let her "transgression" slide, my spanko-spidey sense goes off. That's fondly referred to as "topping from the bottom." She wants a spanking, but asking for it ruins it for her, so she wants YOU to have an incentive to dole them out, so instituting a domestic discipline dynamic seems like a good way to get this done.

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Spanking and scaring my wife

The REAL Reasons Why Men Like To Spank Women | YourTango

Here are 7 reasons why men like to spank women: 1. They get to touch a butt when they're giving a good spanking. Even men who aren't ass men enjoy touching a butt.

I confess I like spanking my husband

I am spanked by my wife for being a naughty boy, a sissy boy, a fairy boy. She has told many people that i am a cuckold. She likes making me show my chastity cage to others. She makes me in front of others on my knees please real men. Then she lets whoever wants to spank my q**** boy bare bottom until i cant sit down for a month as punishment. I am so ashamed and so excited.

The Disciplined Wife: Pull your pants down!

As a result, my wife and I discovered we agreed there were times when women needed to be put over a man's knee and spanked. Subsequently, during the course of our dating, we arrived at one of those times. We talked about it and agreed the time had come. My wife was thoroughly cooperative as I positioned her over my knee.

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The spanking. Katherine Ridgeway had been a career woman. Her dad was a car mechanic and his mom worked at various convenient stores. As a kid, she watched financial shows. She read business books. She wanted to be a c.e.o. Everything she did in line was with that goal in mind. She graduated first in her high school class.

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Choose your favorite spanking photographs from 128 available designs. All spanking photographs ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Newlywed Jane

He started hand spanking me very gently and kept hardening. He kept reminding me I was his wife and he, as my husband, had to keep me in line. He had accepted that duty before me, my parents and the rest of society when he accepted to marry me and, as I knew, he is a man of honour and word that fulfills his duties thoroughly.